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Business Start Up Calculator

startupBusiness Start Up calculator

The Business Start Up calculator below can be used to calculate the amount of funding required to support your new business start up.

Business Start Up calculator
£Advertising & Promotion:
£Telephone, internet & networking setup:
£Finance costs:
£Equipment & Cars:
£Office Supplies:
£Premises alterations:
£Professional fees:
£Product development:
£Premises Rental:
£Website development costs:
£Other costs not covered above:
£Unexpected costs buffer:
£Less: funds already available:

The Business Start Up calculator is for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: the figures provided above are estimates only and should not replace professional advice tailored to your specific circumstance.

For detailed advice regarding your new Business Start Up or to find out if you can benefit from SEIS or EIS funding, please contact us and let our experts take care of all your new business needs.