Man behind his desk, thought bubble above his head with an image of money in it

The advantages of starting a part-time business

Man behind his desk, thought bubble above his head with an image of money in itStarting a part-time business is exciting and has many benefits. Most people particularly enjoy the fact that they can earn extra money on the side, and are in full control of how much time they want to dedicate to their business. The concept of a part-time business has been growing rapidly over the past years, especially as we are living in a digital age where more and more companies conduct their marketing and trade online. There are many reasons why a person who already has an income would want to start a part-time business:

  • They can turn their hobby into something profitable
  • An extra source of income means more money to spend or save
  • They can build a client base or portfolio before turning their part-time business into a full-time one

What type of part-time businesses are trending at the moment?

  • Writing and journalism. A very popular type of business as it can be adapted to any subject or area of expertise. From blogging to article writing and guest writing, most people have a subject they are interested in and would like to share with others.
  • E-commerce. Nowadays, starting an e-commerce business has become a quick and easy way to set up a profitable business. Online, people are selling everything from vintage clothes to homemade jewellery and art.
  • Photography. The rise of social media means that professional photographers are in high demand to capture everything from weddings to food and drink.

Do you need an accountant?

Even though you are not running a full-time business, you should still consider getting an accountant to assist with your finances. Remember that business taxes, VAT, budgets and cash-flow are still relevant even if your business is not your main source of income. Having someone on your side also helps you keep track of your business finances, expenses and spending so you can make sure your part-time business is running on track – and if you want to grow your business, you have someone there to advise you.

Tax Agility has a range of accounting services

Tax Agility is always supportive of small business owners. We have highly skilled small business accountants offering a range of services we can tailor to your needs. Whether it’s assisting with taxes, or advising you on how you can grow your business, Tax Agility have the experience you need.

For 10 years, we have been advising and working with small and medium-sized businesses in London with their accounting, bookkeeping, and more. We have a large team of experienced accountants who can give the right guidance to help start your new business venture, or if you’re already running a business, we can help you grow.

To find out more about your local London accountants at Tax Agility, call us on 020 8108 0090 or fill in our enquiry form.