Cash Flow_TaxAgility Accountants LondonDuring the last tax year overpayment error in the benefit system fell by £100 million, according to new figured released by the Government earlier this month.

The Government expects these errors to fall even further come tax year 2014-15 (and beyond) due to the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) in August, a system (which we first covered back in December of last year) that allows all benefit claims to be cross-checked against earnings and pension income from HMRC the moment each benefit payment is made.

Benefit Overpayment Reductions

The reduction of £100 million in benefit overpayments between tax years 2012-13 and 2013-14 means benefit overpayment now sits at just 1.3% of all welfare expenditure, the lowest it’s ever been, according to the Government.

Of these numbers, benefit fraud currently accounts for 0.7% of all welfare expenditure (£1.2 billion), overpayment errors made due to the claimant (the person claiming benefits) accounts for 0.9% (£1.5 billion), and overpayment errors made due to the official (the person looking over the benefit claim) sits at 0.4% (£0.7 billion).

Speaking on the reduction in overpayment errors, Work and Pensions Minister Mark Harper said:

Too much money has been needlessly wasted in the past on fraud and error, so it’s good news that we’ve brought down claim errors to a record low. Now thanks to our new IT advances, we will be able to track both fraud and error in record time.

Mr. Harper continued:

But there’s more to do. We will use everything in our power to stop people who cheat the system stealing money from hardworking taxpayers, as part of our long-term economic plan to make a fairer welfare system.

Anti-Fraud Advertising Campaign

In October the Government launched a large-scale advertising campaign across almost 50 locations in the UK, with the intention of making potential fraudulent claimants (and those prone to making errors) think twice before submitting a fraudulent or error-laden claim.

The advertising campaign ran across billboards and posters, television and radio, and it even popped up as a Facebook ad here and there. The message of the campaign was clear; if you don’t report changes in your circumstances to HMRC, you risk serving a jail sentence.

To belabour the point further, the Government also announced new rules designed to deter fraudulent claimants even more. These rules include (among others):

  • An increase in the monetary penalty somebody committing fraud can receive without being taken to court; from £2,000 to £5,000.
  • The introduction of a rule stating that 40% of an individuals’ benefits can be automatically taken so to repay stolen cash.
  • The introduction of a £50 civil penalty for error-prone claimants who consistently give incorrect information on their benefits claim (or don’t report a change in circumstances).
  • The employment of bailiffs to remove high-value personal possessions from benefit frauds once convicted.

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