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Contractors’ Work-Life Balance Needs Rebalancing

Balance_TaxAgility Accountants LondonWhenever almost anyone employed within a company meets a self-employed contractor or freelancer they look at them with longing. What it must be like to be able to play by your own rules, getting out of bed whenever you want, and calling it a day at two o’clock on a Friday afternoon!

However, as most contractors know, this is far from the truth.

In fact YouGov, one of the country’s topmost measures of public opinion and consumer behaviour, recently conducted a poll among British contractors and discovered that far from spending their mornings in bed watching day-time TV, they were more likely to miss a personal occasion or duty than take time away from their work.

In the survey 44% of those who took part admitted they had missed a personal occasion because of their work, while a staggering 10% said they had, in fact, not been able to attend their own birthday party due to their workload. 11% said that they’d completely missed anniversaries (much to the annoyance of their partner), while 17% admitted they’d been unable to pick their children up from school.

But what were their reasons for missing these occasions? It would seem that the work-life balance among the contractors and freelancers of this country needs some serious rebalancing.

Never-Ending Administrative Tasks

Though administrative tasks certainly can’t be blamed for all the personal occasions self-employed individuals have been missing, 22% of the participants of the YouGov poll said that a large majority of their time goes towards seeing to these tasks, something they’re not qualified to deal with and, therefore, can take considerably longer than the time they put into their actual, contracted work.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, another 22% reported that the accounting side of their business; dealing with their finances and HMRC, is the most challenging part of being self-employed.

Thankfully it’s in these areas that you’ll find yourself able to get the most help, with accountants up and down the country able to take these tasks on for you, for a fee you’ll soon be more than happy to pay once you notice how much time they’re freeing up.

Though some of this newfound free time should absolutely be redirected towards more productive, money-making areas of your business, the prosperity of your business would benefit overall by taking some time to take a proper look at your work-life balance, ensuring you no longer miss any personal occasions (when possible) in favour of work.

Let Us Do The Bean Counting For You

To speak with a professional to discuss taking over your repetitive administrative tasks; from your accounts to dealing with your finances, to even conversing with HMRC on your behalf, contact us today on 020 7129 1199 or get in touch with us via our contact page to arrange a complimentary, no obligation meeting.


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