Do you take advantage of technology?

47833062 - search bar. see concept. flat design.In many instances, technology is a natural progression for many business processes – one example is the transformation from fax copy to email attachment. Another is the progression from typewriter to a laptop. In each progression, the aim is help you, the business owners, become more efficient.

At Tax Agility, we truly embrace the advancement in technology. For instance, we encourage our clients to use cloud accounting (you can read about the post titled ‘Why so many SMEs are switching to Cloud Accounting’ here). There are real savings when you start using cloud accounting   too – you issue electronic invoices by pressing the ‘send’ button, you share files with colleagues on the other side of the globe with a mouse click, and the cloud backs up your data and keeps it safe. To get started, we are just a phone call away so get in touch now.

We have also seen how technology is giving rise to young entrepreneurs and helping them to sell their products or services online. Bloggers and vloggers for example, use online channels like WordPress and YouTube exclusively to make money. A large number of them are young, so we help to provide advice pertaining to accounting and bookkeeping, tax, even business consultancy for them.

How can technology help you?

One clear advantage of technology is in Marketing and here are a few examples:

  • Be active in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, to promote your products and services.
  • Send out newsletters about your products and services to your clients and potential clients regularly.
  • Start a blog to engage your customers with fresh content.
  • Create a cost-effective and highly-targeted pay-per-click campaign online.

Technology also helps in operations and customer service:

  • Reduce your international call and travel charges by using VoIP and webinar.
  • Allow customers to schedule appointments with your team online.
  • Tap into cloud, so you can telecommute or work remotely.

Despite it has many benefits, technology can be costly. So it is wise for business owners to keep a watchful eye over technology expenses. If you need expert advice on financial matters, be it your accounting expenses or cashflow forecast, talk to us today and we are happy to help.

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