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Through our insights posts, we aim to bring you information, not just about the changes happening in the world of accounting and tax, but also our through own obeservations and thoughts as to how you can grow and run your business more effectievly.

A concept image of business that is closed due to COVID-19

An update on COVID-19 support available to small businesses

As the daily number of people tested positive for COVID-19 continues to rise across England, many businesses and self-employed individuals ...
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A concept image of marketing

Small Business: Simplify marketing to increase sales

Every business needs to market their brand, products and services. Have you done enough to create awareness, attract new customers ...
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Small Business: Managing business risk

Small Business: Managing business risk

Knowing how to identify and manage risk is essential for a small business to survive, operate and prosper amid competition ...
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A concept of protecting valuable items

Trusts and Income Tax

We explain six main types of trusts preferred by UK residents and the different Income Tax rates of these trusts ...
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TA staff

Small Business: Planning and optimising your workforce

The aim of workforce planning is to align your people strategy with short-term changes and long-term goals. As dedicated small ...
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A concept image of web and social media

Small Business: Win customers with a strong online presence

Creating a successful online presence can help you reach a larger audience, but are you doing it right? Not so ...
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Networking concept image - Growing your business concept

Small Business: The benefits of networking

It’s not what you know but who you know – networking is a tried and tested method to grow your ...
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Business planning advice with Tax Agility

Small business: The benefits of long-term planning

You build a business for the long haul, so it is vital to have a long-term plan that extends five ...
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