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Self-employed? As a contractor, you can quickly become overwhelmed managing your own accounting matters, we're here to help.

Do you need an extra pair of hands to manage your finances?

Being a contractor, freelancer, or consultant means you are now your own boss. You’re self-employed and managing your own finances and accounts, which can be a hassle that you don’t need. Tax Agility is a chartered accounting firm specialising in Contractors across London. We are your extra pair of hands helping you to manage your finances.

Practical, no-nonsense advice

The process of setting up as a Contractor can be daunting – questions like should you set up a limited company? Need a specialised London IR35 contractor accountant? What is the most tax efficient method to operate? – they are valid and require honest, no-nonsense answers. This is where we can help. Our team of experts will guide you through all the legal and financial requirements, leaving you free to focus on growing your own business.

Packages to suit your needs – From as little as £90 + VAT/month

We offer a range of different contractor accountancy packages to suit your individual needs, from one off business set-up consultancy, to all-inclusive financial management.

Our fees are fixed and you will only pay what has been agreed in advance – there are no hidden charges. Should you have specific requirements – we would be more than happy to tailor a flexible package to suit your needs.

Check out this page for our Packages and Fees for London Contractors.

Setting up a Limited Company – find out why this is the most tax efficient way of organising your business.

Managing a Limited Company – find out the legal responsibilities as a director and how we can help.

Tax advice specific to Contractors – we help to ensure tax efficiency based on your circumstances.

Management consultancy – we review your financial performance and work with you to put an actionable plan in place, setting your business on the growth path.

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Useful Resources for Contractors

What are the Benefits of a Contractor?

As a contractor, you can get more by taking advantage of tax planning and efficiency available to businesses while enjoying flexibility and freedom. If you are planning to switch from permanent to contracting and would like to know the pros and cons associated with a contractor, check out our Benefits of a Contractor page.

What’s an Umbrella Company?

You might have heard this term ‘Umbrella’ before – which means you become an ‘employee’ for an umbrella company which collects your income from your client, deduct tax, national insurance and fee from it, before paying you. As you’re still subject to full tax and national insurance as any ordinary employee, this is the most expensive way to operate for a contractor. This style of operation is suitable for contractors doing very short-term projects or your immigration status doesn’t allow you to establish a limited company. You can find out the explanation of an Umbrella company including its pros and cons here.

The Complete Guide to IR35

IR35 is another term associated with contractor. Its purpose is to eliminate contractor avoiding tax and national insurance through the use of intermediaries. As this is a complex issue and it is important to get this right and don’t risk any potential penalty from HRMC, we have the following useful pages explaining IR35:

Important Dates and Deadlines for Contractor

As a contractor, you have to juggle multiple tasks from acquiring new clients to paying your bills. By choosing us as your Accountant, we will manage all your tax deadlines to ensure your returns are submitted as required and on time. Check out our Contractor Dates and Deadlines page for more information.


There are many aspects to be considered when you decide to start your own company. The process can be complex and daunting, hence we are here to help and guide you through, from initial set-up to ongoing management, you will find that we provide a professional service with competitive pricing and targeted advice that adds value to you. Our sub-menu also simplifies the process into: how to set-up a limited company, managing a limited company, and tax advice specific to contractors, along with other useful information on Umbrella Companies, IR35 and important dates for contractor.

First Consultation is Free

We believe that in order to add value, we first need to understand your business and your needs. So we offer our first consultation free to allow us to learn about your company and your personal financial circumstances and create an accounting solution to suit you.

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