What does business growth mean to you?

As a small business owner, your broad goal is to grow your business. Tax Agility offers Small Business Management services to help you with this, but first we need to address the elephant in the room. What does business growth mean to you personally?

For some, business growth means increasing sales, for others it means increasing profits. Increasing sales is great for the young generation of small business owners. On the other hand, increasing profits is great for those who plan to attract investors and physically expand their business in the future.

There are those who have a different idea of what business growth is – to them it means increasing awareness and growing the number of their loyal customers. This means taking actions that will allow you to increase your network.

Three tips for growing your business:


Building a partnership means you expand into another company’s territory of the industry. This allows you access to their audience. When looking for a business to partner with, be sure they  offer complementary services – this means their service works well with the service you provide.

Digital marketing

The next generation of customers can be found online. Generation X and Y are big internet and social media users and are more likely to follow businesses online. It is important to connect with them in ways they understand and are comfortable with. Having an online and social media presence gives you the platform to communicate and connect with your target audience. You might be interested in learning about the ‘Next Generation of Customers.

Financial strategies for increasing profits

Increasing profits comes with many benefits. It allows you to attract investors. Your ability to increase profits means there’s a chance for investors to get a good return from their investment. Profit also means you could expand your business and hire more employees to help with the growing responsibilities of your company. Tax Agility can help you with creating small business strategies and tax management plans to aid in increasing business profits.

Growing your business is easier said than done. Our accountants are here to help you with your business plans, so give us a call on 020 8780 2349 to arrange a meeting. We’ll discuss how we can work together to achieve your goal of business growth.