What to look for in an accountant

What do you look for in an accountant? What is an accountant to you? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when considering hiring an accountant.

An accountant isn’t the person you go to to complete your receipts and meet again one year later. You’re undervaluing yourself and your accountant. The right accountant should go above and beyond for you, so make the most out of your accountant.

When would you need an accountant?

There are many circumstances that require the assistance of an accountant. No one wants to spend many hours a week doing their bookkeeping when they could spend their time doing something just as, or even more, important – running a business or completing a project to name a few.

Startup businesses will need an accountant to help advise them on the best sources of funding as well as the management of their accounts and bookkeeping. Businesses that have been running for a while will also need an accountant, as staying on top of cash flow as well as other factors in your business can be difficult to do alone.

Not only businesses but individuals too will need an accountant at some point. Whether it is to help with personal taxes or to provide a helping hand, individuals will eventually need the help of an accountant.

What to look for in an accountant

Choosing the right accountant for your needs can be the difference between receiving a great service or having life made harder for you.

When choosing an accountant, the first thing you should do is look at their reviews. Do some quick research into how well they dealt with previous clients to see if they’re suitable for your needs. No one wants to hire an accountant that offers a poor service.

Another thing to look out for is if they’re chartered or certified. Ensure the accountant is regulated by professional accounting bodies like the ACCA, ICAEW or the government before going to them with your financial needs.

Are they up-to-date? Are they using the latest technology in their services? An accountant is the person who translates the goings-on in the financial world to the client. If the accountant can’t keep up-to-date, don’t expect your personal finances, business finances or otherwise to remain up-to-date.

What can Tax Agility do?

Tax Agility offer a range of specialist services to suit the needs of a variety of groups. Our expert accountants are experienced in helping make the financial lives of clients easier and less complicated.

Our accounting services include:

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