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Payroll Services for Small Business

46569772_sPayroll Services for Small Business

The mechanisms for and how you meet the Government requirements to pay tax, PAYE and PRSI, deducted from Employees at source are modus operandi that every new and expanding business has had to consider at one point or another – in reality, as a small business owner, you just may not have the time to effectively administer, manage and report the payroll process, nor keeping abreast with the latest schemes. This is an area which we can help.

Payroll isn’t a one-size-fits-all process

There are quite a few things to consider when you run a payroll, they range from types of employee to types of deduction. A few considerations include:

  • Taxed or exempted Pension contribution
  • Emergency tax codes for new hires
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Calculating statutory maternity pay
  • Calculating statutory redundancy pay
  • Bonuses via non cash methods
  • Subsidised gym membership, private healthcare, and so on

The list is long and there are plenty of calculations to do. Rest assured, we can help you navigating this complex process.

Payroll Services from Tax Agility

We have a dedicated team of payroll professionals who will learn about your business in great details, thereby helping you to manage the day-to-day running of your payroll preparation and compliance. Our full spectrum of payroll services includes:

  • Complete Payroll Services – we manage the entire process for you and keep you updated with a regular report. We can also process end of year returns, including delivering P14’s and P60’s.
  • PAYE Registration and Administration – we monitor, calculate, and deduct your employee income tax payments, national insurance contributions, and other payments that need to be deducted from their salary. We will make the payment manually or via BACS, and we can deliver individual payslips once they become available.
  • One-off Payroll Exercises – when it comes to one-off payroll exercises such as bonuses, commission, overtime payments, we can handle them for you and provide you with year-end reconciliations and summaries and analysis of staff costs.
  • TRONC Scheme Management for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels – our payroll professionals can help to manage your TRONC scheme, ensuring that tips and/or service charges to be distributed evenly between your employees in a tax-efficient manner and on-time; giving you another form of employee motivation.
  • Complete Payroll Administration for Overseas Organisations – if you are an international business wishing to start a business in the UK, or if you are working on behalf of a UK subsidiary of another overseas company, we can help you in setting up and managing your employee payroll.
  • Guidance on Real Time Information (RTI), Auto-Enrolment, and Salary Sacrifice Schemes – this part of our service is to keep you informed of any changes to these schemes and continue to ensure that your business is tax-efficient.

You can click to read more about our Payroll Services for Small Businesses here.

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