Provisioning for your heirs and loved ones today with essential estate planning

Inheritance Tax was once seen as a tax that only the wealthy would pay but the notion is no longer true today. With higher property values and bigger returns on investments especially when business assets are involved, more and more families today are facing the prospect of paying Inheritance Tax.

Thankfully, there are legitimate options that can help you reduce Inheritance Tax liabilities and one of the most popular options is to use a trust to manage your assets. Trusts are easy to set-up and run; they are also highly tax-efficient when it comes to safeguarding your legacy and assets for your beneficiaries.

Other legitimate options that can help to reduce Inheritance Tax include gifts made between three to seven years before one’s death and donations to charities that are close to your heart.

When it comes to estate planning, time is of the essence. The sooner you start, the more tax you are likely to save as most gifts made during your lifetime are exempt from Inheritance Tax if you live for seven years after making the gift.

Our Trusts and Inheritance Tax planning services

  • Advising on the tax advantages and helping you to select the most suitable type of trust
  • Transferring assets into a trust
  • Advising on wills to ensure tax efficiency
  • Maximising inheritance tax reliefs and exemptions
  • Planning lifetime gifts and making full use of exemptions and lower tax rates available
  • Advising on adequate life assurance to mitigate any inheritance tax impacts

As part of the comprehensive services we provide, we will also take care of the administrative work associated with setting up and running a trust, including a cost-efficient bookkeeping and record-keeping service, along with preparing and filing tax returns.

If you need additional specialist advice such as retirement planning, pension schemes, life assurance or critical illness cover, we can recommend honest and independent advisors to you, and we will work with your advisors to make sure you receive the best advice that matches your financial needs.

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Capital Gains

Another plus point of having a Personal Tax accountant like us involved in your estate planning is because you may have to think about Capital Gains Tax. You can count on us to provide guidance and make sure the impact is minimal.

Capital Gains Tax often applies when a profit is made following an asset taken out of or put into a trust. Also, when an asset rises in value following a death and a profit is made during probate, Capital Gains Tax usually kicks in too.

As everyone has a unique circumstance, it is best to discuss your case face-to-face, giving us a chance to understand your aspirations and seeing how we can best use our knowledge on tax to help.

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