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Buy or lease a company car?

Is it better to lease a car or buy one outright?

Buying a new car, especially if it is a personal purchase, is likely to be the second most expensive purchase ...
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pensions tapering rules

Tapered pensions annual allowance – what is it and does it affect me?

Each year individuals can make a tax free contribution to their pension pot. Presently, for most regular tax payers, this ...
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New Trust Registration Service Requirements

Trust Registration Service – Rules extension and deadline

Changes in trust registration requirements - act now! Did you know that you have until September 1st 2022 to register ...
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Section 24 property transfer into a company

All you need to know about transferring a property portfolio into a limited company

If you already have a property portfolio or are considering building one, should you do this in your name or ...
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how to maximise landlord rental profits

Landlords, are you maximising your profits?

We’ve noticed that some landlords forget that they actually run a business, particularly if they only have one other property ...
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paying tax on cryptocurrency profits

Cryptoassets – what are they and what are the tax implications?

Many ordinary people and businesses, and by that we mean people who don’t usually engage in financial trading, have tried ...
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selling your business in 2022

Thinking about selling your business? Here’s how we can help

There comes a time with any business, large or small, when the owners decide they want to move on and ...
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capital expenditure super deductions 2022

Super deductions – how to maximise your business’s tax efficiency

Most business owners understand that it is important to ‘capitalise’ certain company assets. These ‘fixed assets’ can be used to ...
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declaring your overseas income

What are the differences for tax purposes between domiciled and non-domiciled status?

A few months ago we published a case study concerning HMRC enquiring about foreign income. This can happen if you ...
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claiming covid-19 related expenses for work

Working from home and claiming tax relief on expenses

As more of us are now working from home, more often, because of the recent impact has had on businesses ...
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is it time for an electric company car

Is it worth buying an electric company car?

With petrol prices at levels not seen before, even during previous oil and global crises, it comes as no surprise ...
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Do I pay UK tax if I move overseas

Living Overseas – Do I need to pay tax if I leave the UK?

On the face of it, this seems like a simple question and is indeed one many people ask. For some ...
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