Feel like you’re under a microscope? Let us guide you and save you time.

If you are under investigation by HM Revenue & Customs, our experienced team of accountants and tax advisors will provide advice and support.

We can support you throughout the process, from the initial interview stage to the conclusion of the investigation.

Our Tax Investigations Services include:

  • Liaising with the local tax office
  • Compliance reviews of PAYE and NI
  • Investigations of VAT issues

If you would like to avoid the potentially high fees associated with an investigation, we offer tax investigation insurance, which covers accounting fees related to tax investigations enquiries from HM Revenue & Customs.

Tax Investigation Insurance

Taking out insurance against a tax investigation means you are covered for any accountancy fees associated with enquiries from HM Revenue & Customs. If an investigation or enquiry takes place, Inspectors can go back through seven years’ worth of accounts and tax returns. The work involved for your accountant can be significant, leaving you with a large fee to pay.

We offer you Fee Protection Insurance to cover the cost of any work we do for an investigation. We can also call on specialist consultants (paid for by the insurance) if that will help you get the best possible resolution to your investigation. Fee Protection Insurance starts from as little as £15 a month and provides the peace of mind that if you ever are investigated, your costs are capped.

First Free Consultation

We understand that being under investigation can be a very stressful and time-consuming experience. If you are currently going through a tax investigation or feel you may be included in an investigation, you will benefit from professional advice and support through the process.

We offer our first consultation free of charge to allow us to learn about your situation, your business and your personal financial circumstances and create a solution to suit your needs.

Please contact us today on 020 8108 0090 for a no obligation meeting, to see how we can assist you.