Payroll services from Tax Agility

Payroll services for small business

Cost-effective payroll services for small businesses in and around London.

Outsource your payroll management to us so you can keep employees happy with accurate payslips while boosting efficiencies and keeping costs down.

You may have a small team of two or a large group of two hundred, each payslip must be calculated individually, considering the employee’s leave entitlement, student loan, tax code, pension contributions and a host of other benefits. This is why outsourcing your payroll function to us, your local teams in London, Putney, Richmond-upon-Thames and Surrey, can help you save money, stay efficient and remain compliant.

Payroll services from Tax Agility

We have a dedicated team of payroll professionals keen to learn about your business and help you manage the payroll function and compliance. Our full spectrum of payroll services includes:

  • Complete payroll services – we manage the entire process for you and keep you updated with a regular report. We can also process end of year returns, including delivering P60s.
  • PAYE registration and administration – we monitor, calculate, and deduct your employee income tax payments, national insurance contributions, pension contributions, along with other payments that need to be deducted from their salary. Delivering payslips and making payments manually or via BACS can be part of the function too.
  • One-off payroll exercises – when it comes to ad-hoc payroll exercises such as bonuses, commissions and overtime payments, we can handle them for you and provide you with year-end reconciliations and analysis of staff costs.
  • TRONC Scheme Management for restaurants, bars and hotels – our payroll professionals can help to manage your TRONC scheme, ensuring that tips and/or service charges are distributed evenly among your employees on time and in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Complete payroll administration for overseas organisations – if you are an international business wishing to start a business in the UK, or if you are working on behalf of a UK subsidiary of another overseas company, we can help you in setting up and managing your employee payroll.
  • Guidance on Real Time Information (RTI), Auto-Enrolment, and Salary Sacrifice agreements – it is part of our service to keep you informed of any changes to these schemes and continue to ensure that your business is tax-efficient ran.

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Top five reasons why Tax Agility is well-placed to handle your payroll function

1. You save time and money

Payroll demands absolute accuracy and each payslip must be calculated individually given that each employee is unique. By outsourcing the payroll process to us, you can keep your costs down while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

2. Regulatory compliance

At Tax Agility, our payroll team has years of experience and is regularly getting updates on the latest complexities of payroll to provide you and your business with exceptional service.

3. Enhanced confidentiality

Salaries, benefits and entitlements of all staff remain confidential when you remove the payroll function from an internal staff and outsource it to us. No internal staff can look over a colleague’s shoulder for confidential information particularly in an open-plan office.

4. Grow with your business

We value long-term partnerships, which is why we give you a first-class payroll service so you can focus on growing your business and we will grow together with you.

5. Experienced in-house team

We have four local teams in London, Putney, Richmond-upon-Thames and Surrey respectively, all of them are available to talk to you at any time. Our experienced team works with all types of industries from IT, PR and marketing, legal, retailers, hospitality, creative industry, property, health and beauty to entertainment.

Payroll isn’t a one-size-fits-all process

There are quite a few things to consider when you run a payroll; they range from the types of employee to the types of deduction. For example, you must consider pension contributions, emergencies new tax codes for new hires, calculating statutory maternity pay, bonuses (cash or non-cash), along with benefits such as subsidised gym membership and private healthcare.

The list is long and there are plenty of calculations to do, all must be accurate and completed in time. This is why our payroll team exists to help small business owners like you. We handle everything in-house and do not outsource your information overseas.

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We provide a free, no-obligation consultation session to understand your business and the requirements for your payroll function to run efficiently and effortlessly. After that, we will prepare a quote that is best for you and your business.

All of our fees are transparent with no hidden charges and we look forward to establishing a long-term partnership with you.

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