We understand the trials and tribulations of the entertainment industry.

Your passion is to be centre stage. To “wow” your audience and captivate the room. Your time is precious. In between practicing for your performances and actually treading the boards or pulling the rabbit from the hat, the last thing that you will want to do is to configure a strategy to best balance the books.

Busy Schedule!

We sympathise with the volatile nature of your sector. One minute, you are performing to thousands and the next, auditioning in front of three people for a TV pilot. Actors, actresses, performers or anyone in the entertaining industry needs to be available at the drop of a hat. The opportunity of a lifetime can come in many shapes or forms. It may not even be the opportunity of a lifetime, it may be just an opportunity to pay your rent! Either way, you need to grasp these moments. You cannot miss out on these potential breaks in order to catch up on your tax returns! Whether you are an Actor/Actress, Magician, Dancer, Model, Producer, Director, Artist or even harbouring dreams of fame and fortune, get in touch with Tax Agility to discuss how we can showcase our financial X-Factor! We’re confident we’ll progress to the next round, without a sob story, because we’re specialist accountants for the entertainment industry.

Versatile Entertainment Industry Accountants

As each project you take on widely differs, we can assess each situation and advise how best to maximise your financial potential. Tax Agility will be as versatile as you need us to be. We are always a phone call away, be it just before you go on stage or the morning after the launch party, Tax Agility will be here to offer friendly and honest advice.

If you are lucky enough to be working in the entertainment industry and looking for more time to spend on growing your business and its reputation, talk to Tax Agility about how we can help remove the day to day accounting burden.