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Rely on accountants who are clued up on technology company’s and start-up’s needs and can help you navigate various business challenges. There has never been a better time to launch a tech start-up.

Technology companies and in particular tech company start-ups have become an important part of London’s strategy for economic diversification and growth, with many of them growing into successful brands. Technology has transformed how we live, work, and connect with others, and will continue to link us to more valuable services and opportunities. Technology business people and entrepreneurs know this, as they aim to launch more disruptive and innovative projects to shake things up.

To achieve great success, many tech start-ups need to operate efficiently and be ready to scale-up swiftly, all supported by the right people and systems in place. Entrepreneurs know that it is crucial to have a like-minded chartered accountant working with them, making sure that the business has the financial resources to scale, along with meeting various business challenges. This is where TaxAgility can help – our team of London Accountants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to tech start-ups and the technology business sector in general.

Specialist technology companies and tech start-ups, need a specialist accountant

Whether your tech firm is an established business and growing or just starting out, TaxAgility can help.

If you are just starting out, you’ll need an accountant by your side that understands the uniqueness that your business brings to its market, so that you can plan for growth in the most efficient manner. We’ll help you get your finances in order, make use of available grants or tax initiatives, such as the R&D Tax Credits scheme, and generally advise you of potential pitfalls and opportunities as your business plan progresses. We’ll be by your side for the whole journey if need be.

More established businesses typically face different issues, whether how to grow or diversify, to cash flow issues due to supply chain payment problems. Also, as an established tech business, your tax reporting and tax efficiency considerations maybe different to other firms, especially if your business sells into the EU or sources resources from overseas. These can be highly complex areas, especially in a post Brexit world. We stand ready to assist you.


Enjoy the benefits of having our knowledgeable team work alongside you, as we apply the best practice and the latest development in legislation and techniques. We can manage your day-to-day bookkeeping, provide innovative accounting solutions, report vital financial performance that can spur growth, and help you plan for the future.


Becoming tax-efficient means your start-up will have more money to invest, expand, and create jobs in your community. We are here to deliver tax solutions that support your circumstances and boost your financial health. Most importantly, we make sure that you meet regulatory compliance.


Scaling your team rapidly doesn’t mean that you need to pay extra for dedicated payroll personnel. You can keep the costs down by outsourcing your payroll function to us. Whether you have a team of two or 200, our payroll team will calculate each payslip individually and deliver them on time.

Management consultancy

At the beginning of your tech start-up journey, you may need to raise more capital. The process to convince investors is likely to involve different forecasts and how your strategies are going to influence various ‘what if’ scenarios. This is an area which our management consultants can help and make a difference.

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Research & Development

The majority of tech companies will spend on Research & Development (R&D) at some stage of the start-up life, and the good news is HMRC is very generous with tax reliefs relating to R&D, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) R&D Relief

This is applicable to companies which have:

  • Less than 500 staff
  • A turnover of under 100 million euros or a balance sheet total under 86 million euros

The SME R&D relief allows companies to deduct an extra 130% of their qualifying costs from their yearly profit, as well as the normal 100% deduction, to make a total 230% deduction. In addition, your company can also claim a tax credit if it is making losses, worth up for 14.5% of the surrenderable loss.

Our team can help you work out what you can claim, and your eligibility after including the figures from connected companies and partner companies. If your start-up isn’t qualified, we will help you explore other types of R&D relief.

Patent Box

Designed to encourage companies to keep and commercialise intellectual property in the UK, the Patent Box can reduce your corporate tax rate on the proportion of profits derived from:

  • Selling patented products including products incorporating the patented invention and bespoke spare parts
  • Licensing out patent rights
  • Selling patented rights
  • Infringement income
  • Damages, insurance or other compensation related to patent rights

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Why choose TaxAgility?

1. A personalised service

Your start-up is unique, therefore, you should demand unique accounting, tax and payroll solutions from us. Working with us means you can control the level of engagement you want from us.

2. Competitive pricing with no hidden charges

Our goal is to keep your costs down, especially if you combine all of our services into a cost-effective solution. All fees are clearly stated with no hidden charges.

3. ICAEW Accountants

ICAEW (Institute of Accountants in England and Wales) sets strict codes of conduct that we follow. As our clients, you will receive honest and expert answers from our knowledgeable accountants. With us working alongside you, you know you are in good hands.

4. Grow with your business

Tech start-ups today could become household names tomorrow. Inspired by tech entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to helping you grow, because we believe that if you grow, we grow too.

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