The life and times of beauty therapists is ever changing and only becoming more hectic.

Whether you focus on going to your clients’ houses or the owner of a large salon, you need to not only perfect your skill but stay afloat with changing trends. The last thing you want to drag you away from your art, is your finances.

The Fierce Competition

TaxAgility understand that you did not enter the beauty industry in order to to analyse which accountancy packages best suits you or how best to structure your business in order to maximise profit. The competition is becoming increasingly more fierce. Beauty Salons are increasingly populating the high streets and with the rise of social media, it is becoming even easier to get lost in a sea of wannabes and anyone with a beauty blog. As the options for you clients grow, it is necessary that you remain flexible to suit their needs. All your focus is required to make your clients look and feel as good as possible. Your customers look to you for the best advice regarding make-up, nails or wellness treatments, you can look to us for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. We aim to have your accounts looking as good as your customers after a session with you!

How We Can Advise You

TaxAgility can advise on a number of issues and scenarios that may arise. We can recommend best practices on buying or selling a salon and handle all your accounting, payroll, management reporting, superannuation and pensions advice. Staying on top of your finances and making sure you have a solid grasp on your financial management can be incredibly time consuming. There are so many rules and regulations to consider. It can be easy for a small business owner to delay or put off these tasks, but without care and consideration, could be costly down the line. If you hire qualified accountants to do these for you, it allows you the time to grow your business and focus on your real passion.

Why Choose TaxAgility?

Every face needs a different foundation and every set of nail require a different shade. Your accounts and business strategy are no different; from your range of services or specialisms offered, the target market, to the skill set and unique characters involved in the business. Your beauty therapy could require a complete financial makeover or remodelling or just a small change in your process. Perhaps use a bronzer instead of a blush? Either way, TaxAgility can analyse your current financial position and recommend strategies to get the best out of your books. TaxAgility are always on hand to offer friendly and honest advice.

If you happen to be working in the beauty industry and looking for more time to spend on growing your business and its reputation rather than worrying about your bookkeeping and accounting, talk to TaxAgility about how we can help remove the day to day accounting burden. Allow us to explain why we are the ideal accountants for beauty therapists and the beauty industry.