Corporation tax services and expert tax advice

Expert Corporate Tax services to ensure your company is tax-compliant and tax-efficient, drawn from working together with you and knowing your business strategies and goals.

All limited companies in the UK are required to pay corporate tax on profits gained from doing business, investments and selling assets. But the good news is your company can also make use of eligible allowances and reliefs to reduce your corporate tax bills legitimately, provided that you get the right corporate tax advice from the start. This is where our chartered accountants and tax advisors can make a difference. We are here to minimise your company’s tax exposure but maximise its efficiencies, so your company has more money to invest and create jobs in your community.

Your business is unique, and working with us means that you will have a corporate tax service that is tailored to suit your business needs and goals. Our flexible approach also puts you in control, as you can choose the level of engagement you want. Whether you require a tax structure that allows you to invest in new ventures or a comprehensive employee share incentive scheme that motivates employees, our corporate tax accountants are here to assist.

Corporate Tax Services

  • Preparation of annual corporation tax returns
  • Strategic reviews to decide the most tax-effective structure for your business
  • Minimising tax liabilities by taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs
  • Advice regarding VAT, National Insurance, employee and director benefit legislation
  • Advice regarding corporate structures and offshore companies
  • Consultancy service to maximise relief on acquisitions and reduce tax on sales or mergers
  • Corporate tax advice and planning, which can result in significant improvements in your bottom line.
  • Dispute settlement negotiations and revenue investigations

Directors’ Tax Liabilities

As a company director, your top priority is to grow your company and make it successful. While the financial health of your company is vital, your own finance must be protected too, and this means finding the right balance to compensate your time and effort in the most tax-efficient way.

Should you pay yourself a salary which is an allowable expense? What about taking dividends or paying into a pension pot via your limited company? These questions deserve honest answers, which one must also take your circumstances and your goals into consideration.

Call our chartered accountants and corporate tax advisors on 020 8108 0090 for a strategic review of your tax liabilities as a company director.

Corporate Tax rates and reliefs

Eligible allowances and reliefs, along with expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade, are items that companies can deduct from the trading profits. For instance, you can claim capital allowances when you buy assets (business vehicles, equipment and machinery) that you keep to use in your company. Other claimable capital allowances include:

  • Renovating business premises in disadvantaged areas of the UK
  • Extracting minerals
  • Research and development
  • Know-how
  • Patents
  • Dredging
  • Structures and buildings

Apart from allowances, reliefs are also available to assist companies. They include Research and Development Relief, the Patent Box, relief on goodwill and other relevant assets (such as customer relationships and unregistered trademarks), disincorporation relief if you’re closing your company and becoming a sole trader, ordinary business partnership or limited partnership, along with trading losses, terminal, capital and property income losses.

For more information about allowances and reliefs, call us on 020 8108 0090.

Foreign company

The UK is attractive to investors, thanks to its relatively low Corporate Tax rates and company-friendly policies like no withholding tax on dividends, along with allowances and reliefs. Foreign companies are welcomed to set up an office or a branch here and pay Corporate Tax on profits generated from the UK activities accordingly.

At Tax Agility, we have years of experience helping international companies with their tax bills in the UK. Call our corporate tax advisors and chartered accountants on 020 8108 0090 today to kick-start a discussion.

Corporate Tax planning

To become tax-efficient, it’s worth engaging our experienced tax advisors in corporate tax planning, which aims to align your tax strategies with your business goals.

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