49597734 - cyber security design, vector illustration  graphicThe threat of cyberattacks is clear and present for small businesses, as most don’t have a dedicated IT department looking after cyber security. Therefore, it is always good for small business owners and entrepreneurs to attend conferences and seminars and pick up a few tips. In the past few months, we learnt a few useful tips which we thought may be beneficial to you as well.

Use a Virtual Private Network

Commonly known as VPN, it allows you to connect to the web with an encrypted connection, preventing other parties seeing your online data and communication, including your ISP. Many businesses use a VPN connection when they are working from a Wi-Fi hotspot in a public place, in fact, this is absolutely essential these days. You can use VPN from your home and in your office too. As today most of owners conduct their businesses over mobile devices, you could download an application like Rocket VPN, which is a free app on Google Play and iOS.

Update your software

Virus protection software, firewalls, and operating system should be updated regularly. If you are concerned about data like your payroll information, our dedicated team for Payroll Services for Small Business will take care of your payroll activity for you.

Use the cloud if you can

Cloud applications can typically keep your data safe. Do remember to use a strong and unique password for each application.

Stay vigilant

Don’t open emails and download suspected files – if it looks unusual, it’s probably a phishing or malware email. This will go a long way to keep your company safe.

Have a plan

Back-up your important data routinely and have a plan to ensure that your operations can still run should an unfortunate attack happen and negatively impact your operations.

Keep abreast

It is always useful to get the latest the news and information from the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.

Attend a course

There are quite a few courses available across London.  If you are free for 3 hours a week for 8 weeks, more proactive approach may be to consider this free course titled Introduction to cyber security run by the Open University.

Let us all work together to keep our business safe from cyberattacks.