doctor and teethThe dental industry is constantly changing and evolving. Far from being an old-fashioned institution, dentistry continues to change both internally and externally, with dentists running their own dental practice having more responsibility than ever before.

Here at TaxAgility we know the pressures that are being placed on dentists just like you, and we know just how often these pressures are changing (and often, increasing) as new legislation and other changes come into effect.

For this reason, we think it makes absolute sense for any dentist or dental practice looking to hire an accountant to consider working with an accountancy firm that specialises in the accounts of dentists. Just a small number of these benefits are as follows:

We keep ahead of your changing industry

From new legislative changes to the challenges brought on by private dental competition, here at TaxAgility our specialist accountants make it their priority to keep on top of everything and anything that could affect your practice’s growth and revenue, whether positively or negatively.

This means we’re committed to your growth, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure that you benefit from (or at least aren’t hurt by) any industry changes that occur. Your success is our success, and our experience working alongside other dental practices gives us the unique ability to help to realise your success, whatever life throws at you.

We take care of all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs

Here at TaxAgility, no task is too big (or small) for our experienced accountants. You can rely on us for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs; we have worked with countless dental industry professionals in the past, including incorporated practices, self employed hygienists, employed dentists, consultants, and specialists (oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists, and more).

In the same way that you wouldn’t expect any of your patients to start performing light dentistry work on themselves, we don’t expect you to have to handle any part of your accounts.

We treat you, and your practice, as the individual you are

We make a point to treat all of our clients as individuals, which means we understand that just because you’re a dental practice specialising in a certain target demographic, that doesn’t mean you have the same financial goals as a different dental practice focusing on the same target demographic.

We believe that it’s our job to understand your hopes and desires for your dental practice before we swoop in and start dealing with your books. When we develop this understanding ahead of time it helps us to better serve you both in the beginning and, hopefully, for many years into the future.

Experienced Accountants for Dentists

To speak with a professional accountant to discuss our unique accountancy packages for dentists, contact us today on 020 8780 2349 or get in touch with us via our contact page to arrange a complimentary, no obligation meeting.