Keep your business on the right track. We will analyse the figures and help you plan for the future.

You can be forgiven for asking why a small business such as a contractor or startup needs small business management consulting services at all. Every business exists to make money and to achieve profitability, small business owners need to make a series of decisions that require more than gut feeling. To succeed, you will need to ask tough questions, implement financial control, and reign in resources that can help your business to achieve its goals. This process is where small business consultants at Tax Agility can help.

Common challenges faced by small business owners

Contractors and small business owners wear many hats and take on multiple roles, but chances are, accounting is often not an area that gets their full attention.

For example, many small business owners, particularly those just starting out, tend to overlook the importance of today’s business decisions will impact tomorrow’s cash flow. The concept of how companies can appear to have money in the bank, but still be technically insolvent, may seem perplexed. The issues with cash flow uncertainties and how they can impact short to long-term growth are also real and troubling.

To truly understand cash flow, you need solid advice from an accountant who can spend the time to understand your business and support you with data that can help you make informed decisions. At the heart of this is management reporting – one that provides the necessary information and oversight on the key data that is crucial to your company.

Other struggles faced by contractors and small business owners may include debt and refinancing, tax compliance, lack of benchmarking targets, business valuations, business growth, to name but a few.

At Tax Agility, our small business consultants can help you to maximise your business success.

Tax Agility’s small business management consulting service

At Tax Agility, our small business managemnt consulting service will work with you to fill the void of experience and expertise that is missing in your business. By collecting and analysing your numbers, we will offer practical advice on the strategic decisions that will propel your business profitability forward. Not all problems can be solved without the knowledge of an accountant, and when it comes to the complex jargon that is associated with accounting, we aim to explain these complex matters simply.

Discretion is what separates the best management consultants from the rest; here at Tax Agility, you can be sure that we will keep your sensitive information private.

Our experienced small business management consulting team has expert advisors that have strong in-depth financial knowledge, as well as high levels of industry experience from working with a number of start-up firms in the UK. At Tax Agility, our advisors will use this combination of experience and expertise, to take the time to review the key trends in your business, advise you how to utilise the opportunities for profitability and growth, and when to take the corrective action needed to ensure your business is on the right track for maximum success.

We’ll take care of the financial details so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of annual business plans, forecasts and projections
  • Management accounting and delivery of regular overview information
  • Review of credit control and cash management procedures
  • Attendance at key business meetings
  • Creation of strategic plans for business acquisitions and disposals
  • Advice regarding capital structure and business valuations

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