Keep your business on the right track. We’ll analyse the figures and help you plan for the future.

To plan its future every organisation must frequently review its financial and non-financial performance.

You can be forgiven for asking why a small business such as a contractor or startup needs small business management consulting services at all. In short, the title of the service is not a high-brow as it seems. For Tax Agility it’s all about financial performance and control.

Many small business owners, particularly those just starting out, don’t realise the importance of today’s business decisions on tomorrow’s cash flow or how companies can appear to have money in the bank, but still be technically insolvent. Others become frustrated because of cash flow uncertainties and the impact it has on forward investment decisions that impact short to medium term growth.

Management reporting is a critical part of this process, one that provides the necessary information and oversight that allows business owners to make informed decisions and understand what the impact on financial performance will be longer term.

Tax Agility’s small business management consulting service

We’ll work with you to collate and examine the numbers, providing practical advice on the strategic decisions that will take your business profitably forward.

Our small business management consulting team has expert advisors who take the time to review the trends in your business, advise you on how to act on opportunities, and when to take corrective action to keep your plans on track.

We’ll take care of the financial details, so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of annual business plans, forecasts and projections
  • Management accounting and delivery of regular overview information
  • Review of credit control and cash management procedures
  • Attendance at key business meetings
  • Creation of strategic plans for business acquisitions and disposals
  • Advice regarding capital structure and business valuations

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