Accountant holding a book titled '4 reasons why'The changing landscape of buy-to-let regulation demands specialist attention this year. Landlords are beginning to feel the effects of the government’s cut in mortgage tax relief and the abolition of wear and tear allowance while lending criteria around mortgages are stricter than in past years and interest rates are rising. 2018 is no doubt a confusing time for those investing in the private rental sector, so there’s never been a better time to turn to an accountant for help.

There are numerous benefits to working with an accountant specialising in landlords, and here are four reasons to hire one this year:


Accountants who concentrate on offering services to landlords are well-versed in knowing what taxes you need to pay, how you need to report your rental earnings to HMRC, and the best way to keep track of your accounts, be it using Xero, Quickbooks, or Free Agent. Whereas general accountancy firms might miss essential aspects of your responsibilities as a landlord, you can consult specialist landlord accountants with particular questions. You can also expect to hear impartial and tailored advice based on many years of experience.

Legislation changes

No matter what tax changes the future throws at landlords, specialist accountants will be ready to tackle them. Significant changes might be easy to follow on your own but the effects of seemingly small additions might catch landlords off guard and surprise them down the line. Accountants for landlords will make sure no sneaky tax changes slip into effect without you knowing. This is undoubtedly one of the most liberating advantages of hiring a specialist landlord accountant.


No property owner can operate without having their books in order; they should be kept up to date and in line with the law. This is especially important if you have multiple properties as it can be easy to lose track of your rental accounts every month, resulting in missed rent and lost receipts and bills. An accountant will have a clear view of your rental accounts at all times. The importance of accurate record keeping is perhaps the most apparent during an HMRC investigation.

Tax relief

Your accountants can file your taxes for you, knowing exactly what tax relief you’re eligible for. In 2017 the government began reducing the available tax relief to landlords with the aim of gradually restricting it further by 2020. This means that it’s currently difficult to know just what you can or cannot expect when you file your tax return. A specialist landlord accountant will make sure you get the most from your investment.

Planning for the future

You may not want to stay a landlord forever and although it’s not on your mind now, you might sell your property in the future. A specialist accountant will plan for such eventualities and have advice for you when you’re ready.

No more confusion

Get all of the above specialist financial advice from Tax Agility and we’ll make your accounts fly. We have a team of landlord experts with specialist resources that will save you time and money. Speak with a professional accountant and discuss our unique accountancy packages for residential property owners (landlords).

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