A concept image of going paperless

With Companies House stopping paper reminders, directors of LTDs and partners of LLPs can opt for email reminders instead.

In the past, Companies House sent out paper reminders to limited companies and limited liability partnerships, informing them that their accounts and confirmation statement were due for filing. This process cost Companies House £1.2 million in 2019. Aiming to improve efficiency, Companies House is stopping paper reminders.

Companies House also makes it clear that it is the directors’ responsibility to file a company’s information on time. If you are working with our team at Tax Agility, then you already know that we file your accounts on schedule.

Email reminders

For directors and partners who have been relying on paper reminders, you can take this opportunity to switch to email reminders instead. The email reminder service is free and it allows you to:

  • Choose up to four email recipients to receive a reminder (including your agent)
  • File your document immediately from a link within the reminder

In essence, email reminders should be more convenient for business owners, while also cutting paper waste and helping Companies House to become a fully-digital organisation.

To sign up for email reminders, sign in to the Companies House online filing service, select ‘Get email reminders’ from your company overview screen, click ‘Add an email address’ and continue to add (up to four email addresses). After that, Companies House will send you an email asking you to validate your email address, which you need to follow to join the email reminder service successfully.

Company House takes filing seriously – directors who do not file company accounts on time face penalties. In addition, failure to file confirmation statements and accounts is a criminal offence which can result in directors being fined personally in the criminal courts. At Tax Agility, we take deadlines seriously too, which is why we file your accounts on time if you are a client of ours.

We can also assist with the confirmation statement on your behalf, should you choose to.

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