Businessman under a lot of documents and holding a HELP placard. If you find yourselves, head in hands, trying to manage your personal accounts and bookkeeping and understand terms and deadlines, then it is time to call Tax Agility. Our chartered accountants will calculate the amount of your tax liability and chart a payment plan aligned with your cash flow. We can also file your return for you, once you have given us your approval.

A key part of tax service is actually tax planning. We work with you to minimise your future tax liabilities. We review your ent
ire tax situation, from Inheritance tax to Capital Gains tax from sales of property, personal possessions, business and shares, and when applicable, tax relief on Maintenance Payments. As personal tax is a complicated issue, and we believe strongly in adding real value to your financial situation, we offer our first consultation free of charge to learn about your personal financial circumstances first, before creating a practical solution that suits you best.

Are you required to do tax return?

In the UK, most (if not all) business owners, company directors, self-employed contractors, investors and trustees are required to send a tax return.

Also, you’re required to submit one if you have received:

  • Income from either self-employment or a partnership business – typically this refers to contracting or having your own business. Read our recent post ‘Accounting and bookkeeping for contractors’ to learn more.
  • Income from overseas – this comes from your business abroad or have done work or performed seasonal services overseas.
  • Rental or other income from land or property.
  • Other income, which is received gross, i.e without the tax deducted.

Also, you’re required to do a tax return if you receive a P800 from HMRC saying you didn’t pay enough tax last year. P800 is usually for employees/ working individuals whose tax circumstances changed in the previous year.

How can we help you

Managing personal tax can be a daunting and time-consuming task. At Tax Agility, our professional chartered accountants will manage the process for you. We will carry out all the required computations as well as submitting your return and dealing with HMRC for you. In short, we are here to save you time and money by dealing with the self assessment for beginning to end.

Tax is a complex subject, this is why we prefer to avoid using jargons when explaining complex matters such as tax returns, how VAT works and the IR35 legislation. Not only is our explanation jargon-free, our solutions are also practical, designed with your unique circumstances in mind and aiming to be as tax efficient as possible.

View our free factsheets for more downloadable explanations on topics that are commonly asked about.

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