On April 6th 2017 the new IR35 tax rule was made official. The goal for IR35 legislation is to ensure the people who benefit from tax savings are honest contractors while transferring those who should be ‘employed’ back to paying the correct PAYE payments. If you are a contractor affected by this new legislation, our chartered accountants at Tax Agility can provide help and advice.

Contractors are professionals in their field who work through their own limited companies instead of as employees of other companies. As a contractor, freelancer or consultant, you are your own boss. As great as that sounds, it also means you have to manage all of your own accounting matters, which can become overwhelming particularly when you’re already busy dealing with customers and projects. If bookkeeping and accounting are your top concerns, check out this page titled Accounting and Bookkeeping for small business.

How do we help you?

Tax Agility offers a number of services to help contractors from providing an extra pair of hands to simply giving you practical, jargon-free advice. So how do we help exactly?

Reminders of important dates and deadlines

There are various datelines for annual accounts, annual return, VAT returns, employer annual returns (P35, P14, P11d) and personal tax returns. As a contractor juggling different tasks, you might forget about these important dates. At Tax Agility, we will manage all your tax deadlines to ensure your returns are submitted as required and on time. Click here for more information on Contractor Dates and Deadlines.

Contractor Accountancy packages

We offer personalised contractor accountancy packages to suit your needs. Whether you’re about to set up a limited company or already have one set up and you need an ongoing management package, we can help. Our packages are designed to help manage ongoing returns and administrations and best of all, they are affordable. All our packages start with a face-to-face meeting so we get the chance to understand your business, learn your individual needs and discuss which package is best for you. Click here to read more about Contractor Packages and Fees.

Straightforward, practical advice

If there are questions and uncertainty when setting up your contractor business – for example: should you set up a limited company or work via an umbrella company? What’s the most tax efficient method to operate? Does the new IR35 tax rule applicable to you? – all of these are valid questions require an honest answer. We will explain your questions and help guiding you through all the legal and financial requirements of becoming a contractor.

If you want to know more about how we work with contractors, talk to us on 020 8780 2349 or complete the enquiry form and we will call you back. The Tax Agility team is here to help, which is why the first consultation with our team of chartered accountants is free of charge.