Small Business: 5 Ways To Get New Customers

For too many small business owners, the No. 1 thought is always this: how do I get more customers?

50634846_sIf we were to wind back the clock to two decades ago, cold calling was most people did, and it had its magic in the old days. However, as most people today object strongly to unsolicited calls, it’s time to update our business development know-how and try something that is more up-to-date, effective and sustainable.

1. Online Advertising
Thanks to search engines and social media platforms, now everyone can advertise. You can spend as little as £10 a day to run a highly focus pay-per-click campaign targeting people who search for a set of keywords related to your business or service specifically.

2. Email Marketing
Email marketing works, but the methods used depend upon your products. If you have a regular client base, then you may already have a good email list to target. If you are selling consumer products, a weekly email blast to as many relevant people as possible could generating click-throughs and conversions for you. However, for service-oriented companies, launching a highly targeted email campaign which delivers your message only to the right people in the right organisations may be more appropriate. There are services that will do the research for you and run the campaign, just delivering you the warm leads.

3. Partnering for Success
Teaming up with businesses that offer complementary services is highly effective. For instance, if you run a courier service company, partnering up with florists and bakeries to deliver special birthday treats will certainly improve your clientele base.

4. Networking
Although networking events work for some, many find them unfruitful. To enhance your chances, tell the people in your network what type of customer you’re looking for. Better still, tell a scenario or a story in which how your service meets the needs of a customer. People tend to remember a vividly told story better, so if your story is interesting and relevant, you’d surprise at the effect.

5. Have a Plan
This seems obvious, but many business owners don’t have a clearly stated strategic plan with regards to sales targets, financial performance and cash flow. Acquiring new customers take time and effort, so in the meantime, how you keep your cash flow positive to sustain your operations is key. At Tax Agility, we are all about financial performance and control, so we look at the numbers, work with you to help you develop a strategic plan and make your business profitable.

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